Our Mission

Why we exist.

Amaris exists to restore family.

We believe that children are precious, that children are meant to flourish within a loving family, and that every child is worthy of the support and care that a family can give. We exist to support adoptive parents, guide expecting parents exploring adoption for their baby, walk with new adoptive families, and strengthen families needing support. We empower you to make informed choices for your family while always keeping the wellbeing of the child as our first priority.

Who we are.

Amaris, formerly Christian Adoption Services, was founded in 1989 as a non-profit adoption agency,licensed by the Government of Alberta under the Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act to provide professional adoption and family support services to residents of Alberta. With experienced accredited social workers in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, LaCrete, and Grand Prairie we are able to serve a wide range of communities, both urban and rural, throughout Alberta. Contact us to inquire about your location.

What we do.

Amaris guides families before, during and after adoption while focusing on meeting the needs of the diverse children and clients we serve. We provide professional, ethical, compassionate, personal, and effective support services for families of all shapes and sizes. We facilitate domestic adoption and assist with international adoption.

Why Amaris?

Previously “Christian Adoption Services,” the heart has always been a child focused model of adoption. The word Amaris means “given by God” and “you are loved”; which we believe to be true of every child. These words reflect the heart of everything that we do. We hold this at the forefront throughout the adoption process and every interaction we have. And, because our process is built around the wellbeing of each child, we were compelled to call ourselves by a name that reflects those deeply held values.

We believe/we are.

Belonging Through Family

We believe in empowering individuals by helping you to make informed decisions about your family. We believe in family, and the reality of unconditional love wherever you are. We believe in compassion; experiencing a safe place filled with understanding and acceptance. Our passion and motivation comes from our faith; all that we do emerges from our belief that every child is created in God’s image and worthy of love, dignity, hope, and family. Within all of this we place great value on openness; emphasizing child focused collaboration through open relationships.

Not your typical adoption agency.

Our staff have a knowledge of adoption which comes out of some of their own personal adoption journeys as well as certified training


Our strength is our people. We care.

Tandela Swann

Executive Director

Sterna Venter

Program Director Calgary

Kathy Williams

Program Director Edmonton

Sandy Bassen

Office Manager

Lethbridge Social Workers.

Quincy Palmer

Calgary Social Workers.

Mylene Hensch
Timena Osborne
Amanda Spate

Red Deer Social Workers.

Lori Frank

Edmonton Social Workers.

Leanne Kohn
Marcia Peters
Bruce Regier

Grande Prairie Social Worker.

Jodi Loczyc

LaCrete Social Worker.

Leah Martens